Cum on my face!!!!

Now ::snickering:: for years people always say “eeww dont cum on my face” or “cum has protein let me squirt” well 1 out of 2 is TRUE a man nut juice is GOOD for the skin NO JOKE. Usually you see this stunts in freaky bedrooms*cough cough* or in porn movies, don’t knock it til you try it ladies, Im not saying the whole nut just a table-spoon lol. Ok so this is what I found out, of course for smart people we know nut juice ACTUALLY does have protein in it BUT when it’s placed on the skin it can tighten it up like a at home face lift (for the ppl with wrinkles). Also I’m seeing it “contains an abundance of natural lipids and essential amino acids and prostaglandins, natural substances which aid in skin repair and increase blood flow bringing
in more nutrients to the to the skin
.” which is up for discussion lol. ::whispering:: so fellas lets pretend this is all true…*wink*.

P.S. Yes there’s always a warning and P.S. lol As sexy and warm as cum may feel or taste if this is with a partner your not familiar with(as far as health status) If he has the HIV virus you can still contract it through the eyes. So just be careful not to confuse it as eye drops.

♥DMonroe xoxo


One Response to “Cum on my face!!!!”

  1. lol…your wild…but yes it does have all those wonderful ingredients. thats the life force right there.

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